Author: Neebeeshaabookway

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Jake and Sofia - Jake Smith Ranch Series, Book 2 - Stand-Alone

Jake and Sofia
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  • Author: Neebeeshaabookway
  • Genre: Romance
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  • Publisher: LuLu
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SECOND NOVEL----SEQUEL TO "JAKE ('I'm thinkin...') - This sequel "re-visits" so the story can STAND ALONE, for those that have not read JAKE. It then progresses into Jake's string of situations that test the strength of his self-esteem, towards sharing his life with a sweetheart. Head injury, seizures and tongue-loss don't always make a man feel in tip-top shape, put he presses-on. His wedding day becomes twice as hard, because of his hero-heart as he saves a man's life, but, oddly lays his wedding on the line. Harder still, never would he have dreamed, as to the wild out-come of his honeymoon, or his one last wound.
A romance unlike any other.  A different kind of hero and willing to hang-in-there for a prize he never thought he see.  The prize being a gal "birthed for such a time as this."  *Author note: not very erotic, but highly moving, and very deep in the joining of two lives--plus, insight into a whole other way of life.