Author: N. P. Statham

I'm a slightly crazy person who is plagued by the most strange and fantastic ideas. They just pop into my head, whether I ask for them or not, like friends coming to visit. Whether reading or writing, my life is filled with stories. My characters won't let me stop speaking for them; writing is a necessity, not an option.

I hope you enjoy my books. That when you read my stories you experience a sense of bliss, that magical moment when everything makes sense that can only be found in good books. And that you care for my characters as much as I do.

My name is N. P. Statham, I live in beautiful Visby, Sweden, with my husband Paul and our pug girl Petal.

Thank you for reading.

NP Statham


Drawn in Blood - Rick Stone, #1

Drawn in Blood
  • Number: B008B7STWU
  • Release: 2012-06-13
  • Author: N. P. Statham
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Tags: Suspense: Mystery
  • Publisher: NP Statham
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"It's the eyes of the victims that haunt me in my sleep, but it's the accusing faces of the families that keep me awake at night." - Detective Milesson, Mora PD, MN.

It wasn't supposed to be like this. Rick Stone was only sixteen, he should be having the time of his life, enjoying his senior year, having a blast. But it wasn't to be so. One phone call had changed everything. His older brother, Theodore, was dead; and it was all Rick's fault.

Trying to come to terms with his brother's murder, Rick is confronted with how little he truly knows about his older brother, a courtroom artist, and about himself. As Rick starts to question the society and values he grew up in, bringing his brother's killer to justice is no longer merely about closure; it's necessary to keep the ones he loves safe. And it's up to Detective Milesson to make sure that Rick Stone comes out of it alive.

Plus Novel - 70,000 - 99,999

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