Author: Morgan Howell

“About the Author: A graduate of Oberlin College and the Rochester Institute of Technology, MORGAN HOWELL is a full-time writer who lives in upstate New York.” That’s my complete biography as it appears in Queen of the Orcs.

Quite a few readers have figured out that Morgan Howell is a pen name and Morgan is a guy named Will Hubbell. For those of you who didn’t, you’re in good company. My editor is a woman, and when she first read my manuscript, she thought Morgan was a woman also. I took it as a compliment.

I studied art at Oberlin College. When I graduated three wars ago, the powers-that-be thought my credentials made me perfect for the infantry. I spent almost five years under arms, first as an enlisted man and then as an officer. I mention this because my time in the military influences my writing. I don’t see war as a glorious enterprise, so I never portray it that way. I’m not a pacifist, but a realist.

After leaving the army, I studied photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Afterward, I pursued a career in the visual arts. I first worked in public television as an artist and photographer. Then I designed publications for a college. After that, I followed the money and went into advertising. By the time I rose to senior management, I was thoroughly sick of the business. By then, my wife and I were parents, and our toddler’s books fascinated me. I decided to create picture books, and to have total artistic control, I had to write the stories as well as illustrate them.