Author: Morgan Callan Rogers

Morgan Callan Rogers’s debut novel, Red Ruby Heart in a Cold Blue Sea, was published in the US, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Australia. It won a Reader’s Choice award in Germany. Morgan grew up in Bath, Maine, and spent her summers in a small cottage with her parents and three siblings, writing stories at a rickety table set on a screen porch. Before publishing Red Ruby Heart, Morgan worked as a librarian, a journalist, an actress, an editor, and a teacher. She holds a BA in English and an MFA in Creative Writing.

Written on My Heart follows the further adventures and misadventures of her beloved Maine coastal characters. As Florine Gilham leaves her childhood behind, she also tucks away her dream of finding her mother, Carlie. She marries her sweetheart, Bud Warner, but as they begin their lives together, disturbing events upset the balance between present and future and the unsolved mysteries of the past. Brimming with humor, tenderness, and Yankee pragmatism, Written on My Heart is filled with lovable, quirky characters and the incomparable coast of Maine.


Written on My Heart

Written on My Heart
  • Number: 9780147517043
  • Release: 2016-02-02
  • Author: Morgan Callan Rogers
  • Genre: Mainstream
  • Tags: Women's Fiction
  • Publisher: Plume
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The marriage of Florine Gilham and Bud Warner is a cause for celebration down on The Point, the Maine fishing village where they grew up. Yet even as the newlyweds begin their lives together, Florine is drawn back into the memory of her mother, Carlie, who vanished when Florine was twelve. As unexpected clues regarding her fate begin to surface, Florine and Bud face the challenges of trying to solve an old mystery while building a new marriage and raising a family. Morgan Callan Rogers’s Written on My Heart will delight readers who love feisty, poignant characters and the beautiful, unforgettable Maine coast.

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