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Animal Attraction - A Collection of Five Short Stories

Animal Attraction
  • 3 Stars
  • Number: B008G3N88O
  • Release: 2012-06-28
  • Authors: Sommer Marsden, Elizabeth Coldwell, Lucy Felthouse, Miranda Forbes, Landon Dixon
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Tags: Erotica
  • Publisher: Xcite Books
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A collection of five erotic stories with mixed themes including werewolf, witches, magic and historical.

Animal Attraction by Lucy Felthouse

When Rayne went out for her daily run, the last thing she expected was to find a naked guy in the woods, with no idea how he got there. Taking the guy home to get fed, watered and clothed, Rayne discovers that there 's much more to Claude than meets the eye. After a little digging, Rayne realises she can help solve his mystery -but she 'll have to divulge her darkest secrets in the process. Luckily, Claude takes it well and an emotionally charged moment turns erotic. Soon, Rayne is thanking her lucky stars that she ran through the woods that day.

Familiar by Sommer Marsden

Sarah 's set to come into her witch powers at 25. Because as her mother once told her ...' it 's 25 because you 're too stupid to have power before that. And 25 is still iffy. ' Since her parents are gone, Sarah 's inherited enough money to comfortably live on and her mother 's familiar, Cyrus, a red cat who 's been in her life for damn near ever. So when Sarah awakes to a handsome aroused man in her bed the night of her birthday -a birthday she sadly spends alone -she finds out why some witches resort to their familiars for damn near ... everything.

Seance by Mary Borselino

In their downtime between tours, a pair of musicians rent an old country house to get away from it all. It 's a chance for them to do nothing but eat toasted cheese sandwiches, have lazy afternoon sex, and explore the grounds of the house they 're staying in. The chance discovery of the planchette from an Ouija board makes them realise they 're not quite as alone as they thought.

Come With Us by Landon Dixon

'Where have all the young men gone? ' That 's the troubling question facing Colonel K, who desperately needs new recruits for the war effort. Captain Yannsen provides the shocking answer, when he staggers into the Colonel 's office and gasps a bizarre tale of 'vampeters' -women who crave the seminal bodily fluids of men, for all of eternity.

Circle in the Sand by Elizabeth Coldwell

Spending a week cruising the Hebrides is Amy 's idea of holiday hell, throwing into disarray all her dreams of lazy days sunbathing and hot nights making love. But her faltering relationship with Aidan is changed forever by the discovery of a bottle buried in the sand on a remote island and the powerful love spell it contains within it...

These stories have also been published in Dark Desires

The Egyptian Slave

The Egyptian Slave
  • Stars
  • Number: B004LLIFEM
  • Release: 2011-01-30
  • Authors: Miranda Forbes, Alcamia Payne
  • Genre: Mainstream
  • Tags: GLBTQ+, * SPICY: BDSM, Erotica
  • Publisher: Xcite Books
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The Egyptian Slave is an erotic short story by Alcamia Payne with gay, historical and Dom/sub themes Mem, favourite of the pharaoh, has one problem, he seems to have lost his mojo. One day, he gives in to impetuosity and buys a new slave girl, Toomela at the slave market. For some reason boyish Toomela excites Mem, but he can’t think why, especially since she seems to irritate him. However, when Mem decides to indulge himself with the girl he gets more than he bargains for, as Toomela exposes her dark and erotic soul and turns out to be a boy. It seems at last, Mem has found the answer to all of his sexual fantasies.

Heathly Addictions - Six erotic short stories

Heathly Addictions
  • Number: B0058V1LJA
  • Release: 2011-06-29
  • Authors: Eva Hore, Sommer Marsden, Elizabeth Coldwell, K. D. Grace, Miranda Forbes, Landon Dixon
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * SPICY: HOT Romance, GLBTQ+, Collections & Anthologies, * SPICY: Multiple Partners, * SPICY: BDSM
  • Publisher: Xcite Books
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A stunning collection of erotic stories with mixed themes including menage, fem dom, lesbian and voyeur.

Healthy Addictions by Olivia London

Her sister warned her about her friend Leonora, who prefers to be called Lee, but it's too late because Meg has already fallen - hook, line and sinker - for the gal who puts sex as her number one thing to do. At the tender age of 26 Lee is a cougar before her time and Meg is more than willing to be her prey. Besides, some addictions are far too good to give up.

Sexual Communication by Landon Dixon

Chester had been warned about making noise before by the shrew who managed the rundown rooming house. Only problem was, the place had paper- thin walls and cardboard floors, doors and ceilings. Hardly conducive to the loud, raunchy sex he and Agnes engaged in. And while the rest of the country was imbibing richly in the Jazz Age, for Chester, an aspiring newspaperman, the crummy rooming house off 32nd Street was all he could afford. Tone it down, or bunk next to the curb. Perhaps his next- door neighbour could help him out with his aural problems?

Excavations by K D Grace

While volunteering on an archaeological dig, Gina and Mike discover new and exciting ways to help their workaholic professor relieve stress - and he introduces them to one or two methods of his own, which are far from academic.

7.13 by Sommer Marsden

Elsie's leaving town to start a new life. Taking the 7.13 train out of her small town. But before she goes, she wants to deal with a could- have- been, should- have- been, almost- was. Handsome, sexy, best friend Jason who should have been her lover ages ago - that single kiss has haunted her so - and will be now. Virgin or no virgin, Elsie plans to give Jason a proper goodbye, before she's off to chase new dreams and leave old ones behind.

Friday Nights by Eva Hore

When this librarian begins staying out late on Friday nights her inquisitive flatmate decides to follow her. Spying on her antics at a deserted warehouse, she gets more than she bargained for, especially when she calls for John, her boyfriend to come and witness for himself what she can't believe she's seeing.

Table Stakes by Elizabeth Coldwell

Casey's latest assignment is to interview women with unusual stories about their kitchen table. It's a routine task - until she visits erotic author Sienna Joy, and discovers the kinky secret that makes the woman's table stand out from the crowd...

Short and Sweet

Short and Sweet
  • Number: B004VNQF38
  • Release: 2011-04-06
  • Authors: Eva Hore, Sommer Marsden, Miranda Forbes, Landon Dixon
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: GLBTQ+, Collections & Anthologies, * SPICY: Multiple Partners
  • Publisher: Xcite Books
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A collection of five erotic stories with bisexual and menage themes.

Short and Sweet by Sommer Marsden

Poppy and Ryan are used to making the most of their lunch breaks. Taking that time to get down to the business of pleasure. But when Meredith walks in on one of their decadent rendezvous, things go from short and sweet to short, sweet and seductive.

A Cut Above by Izzy French

Clara is in desperate need of a makeover and pampering after finding her ex Sean inflagrante with two women - women Clara found attractive herself. And she also needs to get her mojo back. Marcus and Monique, partners and hairdressers, are the perfect couple to offer their services. In the salon after hours she relinquishes control of her look to Marcus. Monique, beautiful and sexy, touches Clara, but it is Clara who immediately gains control, much to Monique ‘s apparent astonishment. Marcus, at first happy to watch the two women enjoy each other, is eventually tempted by the sight of their beautiful writhing bodies and joins them, to everyone ‘s mutual satisfaction.

Barbecue by Landon Dixon

”Man Wanted”, that ‘s what the sign in the window of the roadside diner read. And the drifter dumped out in that middle of nowhere was just the man Steve and Laura were looking for, to help them out in the restaurant, and behind the counter. Only, things quickly went from steamy to red-hot, when more than just food got the Barbecue treatment.

The Window Cleaner by Eva Hore

Who had the better job, the private investigator in a law firm or the window cleaner? Sitting at his desk this PI sees more than he bargained for and what he witnesses has him questioning just that - who does have the better job?

Dream World by Tony Haynes
In the early 22nd century, the first of a brand new type of theme park opened. They fast became “the” place for young, single, broad minded 22nd century girls to visit. The more Renee heard about them, the more intrigued she became. Dream World is the story of Renee ‘s first trip to the resort and the characters that she meets there: the beautiful, enigmatic Philomena; the charming, roguish Pan and the most smooth, suave devil a girl could wish to encounter...

These stories have also been published in Best of Both

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