Author: Mindi Winters

Mindi Winters has always been a writer. Sure, most of it was non-fiction and even, dare I say, boring trade information, but since starting a fiction writing career in 2010, writing has never been more fun. Trying to get pages of a new manuscript completed in-between raising three very active daughters isn’t always easy, but it’s never dull.

Even if writing is the best career, ever. Mindi has had plenty of other jobs over the years that some people might consider cool.

• Selling popcorn at a theater as a teenager. (What’s better than free movies, they’re so expensive…)
• Flipping burgers at McDonalds in college. (Not really cool, but it did get me my party money.)
• Teaching English overseas after graduating. (Got to travel Asia and Europe for years. It was amazing.)
• Selling real estate. (Totally not cool, but I did get lots of good decorating tips.)
• Cooking great food for movie and television crews. (Hugh Jackman, Alicia Silverstone, and more.)