Author: Minda Webber

Minda is a writer, artist and college teacher with a B.S. in Earth Science and History, plus a Masters in History. Her sculptures have been shown in galleries across Texas. In addition, she has co-written several Saturday morning cartoons for ABC with her sister, Marilyn Webber.

An avid reader and writer, Minda started writing when she was in the third grade. In fourth grade her teacher read Minda's scary stories to the class and told her mom she would be a writer. By middle school she was writing poetry and still does today. Her first novel won Best Historical Vampire Novel and was nominated for Best First Novel by the Romantic Times Book Reviewer's Choice Awards. Her other books have been nominated for Most Innovative Novel and Best Paranormal Romance of the Year.

Minda writes quirky, funny, scary, romantic paranormal romance that is not serious or dark, just funny and odd and sometimes profoundly sweet. If you are looking for historical accuracy don’t peek in her books, which is ironic, since she teaches history.