Author: Mimi Barbour

I started writing in a serious way in 1999 when, through correspondence, I took a creative writing course. At the time, my husband and I were living in Guinea, West Africa and the schooling choices were limited. Stories cluttered my mind even as a child and by this time in my life they were clamouring to come out. Putting them into words and on paper became the challenge

Once, back in Canada, I started a two-year course on children’s writing, believing this was where I wanted to invest my enthusiasm and energy. I then took another two years, because writing children’s stories is very difficult. After four years I managed to have only one story published in a multi cultural magazine called Skipping Stones. It was a story called ‘Run for Joy’ and I’d based my young protagonist on a child I’d seen in Africa. I called him Keita. I have to admit - I found this writing hard work.

I changed.

Writing my first romance novel switched the hard work into fun, and I’ve not looked back. I love writing about men and women finding each other and falling in love. Along the way, it pleases me to make their travels difficult - spiced up with lots of humour and seasoned with a few tears, but always with endings that are happy.