Author: Michelle Horst

I've read so many books and to be honest there was always that special touch missing. So, what does someone like me do? I get a laptop and it's goodbye family, world and anything in between and hello dream world, writing and the joys it brings.

My husband now looks back on the good ole' days when I used to speak a language he understood and not code like Vaalbara, Alchera, and Publishing. It's two years later and I have achieved one of my biggest goals - my book is published. I have spent many a night dreaming and many a day thinking to bring Vaalbara: Visions & Shadows to life.

I am who I am because of my God, my family and the beautiful nature I find myself surrounded by each and every blessed day. I can now call myself an author and you will find me snuggled away in the cozy town of Alberton, South Africa. As a retired Business Banker I could not ask for more than to be able to write everyday.