Author: Michael Robb

Michael Robb started writing novels while serving prison time for possession of ecstacy in Texas. Since his release he has made a name for himself writing epic fantasy novels under the pen name M. R. Mathias. Amazon, and Barnes & Noble, Bestsellers such as: The Sword and the Dragon & The Royal Dragoneers have taken on a life of their own as masterworks in the fantasy genre. Now he is also writing Paranormal/Chillers as Michael Robb. He lives in New Orleans with his dog Mr. Stubbs . 


The Butcher's Boy

The Butcher's Boy
  • Number: B004FPYWKU
  • Release: Out Now
  • Author: Michael Robb
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Tags: Horror, Supernatural, Suspense: Action / Thriller, Suspense: Mystery
  • Publisher: Independently Published
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The Butcher's Boy
A Paranormal/Murder-Mystery/Chiller

Thirty-one years ago, "Buxly the Butcher" went to trial for killing his entire family. Now Janet, a newly divorced nurse, has unknowingly purchased the house where it all took place.

What happens when her eleven year old son and their overprotective Rottweiler learn that their home is haunted by the victims of that grizzly act? Can young Michael fight through the madness and terror to figure out what really happened so long ago? If he does, maybe the tormented souls can be put to rest. If he fails, he just might become one of them. With only the help of his babysitter, a burned out house painter, and his dog, Lucy Fur, Michael is about to try. The problem is, not everyone is who they seem, even the dead.

***Content Warning: This IS NOT the over-gory sort of thrasher-horror novel, but it does touch on some unsettling subject matter and should not be read by children under the age of 17.

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