Author: Melody Wiklund

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Eleven Dancing Sisters

Eleven Dancing Sisters
  • Number: B074WHCT5P
  • Release: 2017-08-16
  • Author: Melody Wiklund
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: Supernatural, * Under 45k Words
  • Publisher: Evernight Teen
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Erin has a good reason for sneaking into a fae castle: her sisters—princesses of Erdhea—have been secretly visiting it for months, and she just knows they’re in trouble. Unfortunately that’s not an excuse she can give fae lord Desmond when she gets caught. Because Erin is a princess too, and whatever schemes Desmond has, Erin wants no part of them. Instead, she tells him she’s a simple war nurse, and offers no excuse at all.

Desmond can’t have humans wandering in and out of his castle, not when the Fae’s presence in Erdhea must remain hidden. He needs to know how and why Erin sneaked in. But before long, his concerns about Erin are blooming into interest, then fascination, then something else altogether. Under the eye of a lovelorn fae lord, can Erin keep her secrets? Will she even want to?

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