Author: Melissa Harlow

Melissa Harlow was born and raised in Western Pennsylvania. She lives on a small farm with her husband and children, and enjoys raising chickens and gardening.

She has been married for nearly 14 years to her tolerant husband, who has managed to put up with not only her, but the wide variety of pets that have shared their lives, which have included a fox, some opossums, a groundhog, and more than one raccoon. Currently their home is shared by dogs, cats, and her much loved and very spoiled pet raccoon named Cooper. Yes, the raccoon lives in the house, and yes, raccoons can be destructive! Hers enjoys removing keys from keyboards. (This makes it hard for an author to type!)

She happily lives in the country,has a goat named Toggles, and frequently gets the mail in her pajamas.

Besides writing, she has a fondness for computer games, cold beer, and all injured or stray animals.