Author: Mele Shaw

Mele Shaw, a longtime resident of New York City’s Greenwich Village, is divorced, an artist, previously had her own gallery for 25 years in the Village, and has been busy writing The Ways of Love and now her second novel. 


The Ways of Love

The Ways of Love
  • Number: B003U2TCOK
  • Release: 2010-06-28
  • Author: Mele Shaw
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * SPICY: HOT Romance, * Contemporary
  • Publisher: Double Dragon
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The Ways of Love portrays the life of Arthur Shore: a young man who starts out working at the family bank. For pleasure, Art spends most of his weekends taking the train into Manhattan from his home in Far Rockaway to meet a friend named Betty. No ordinary friend, Betty is his -sex therapist.- Betty introduces Art to Howie Gold, the owner of a building that houses a then-clandestine film company, Gold Studio, on its second floor. Howie offers Art a job as an actor. Art accepts and secretly works weekends for Howie. At Gold, Art becomes fixated on a beautiful actress, Vita, who performs but never socializes. Expecting rejection, he does not approach her.

Having successfully used Art-s ideas for filming, Howie promotes him to manager of his own studio on the empty third floor. Helping a very excited Art is Howie-s partner Chickee, who unexpectedly dies. Art receives Chickee-s letter and will. Missing Chickee, Art takes care of his estate and his weird last wish.

A month later, Vita surprises Art as he sits in the coffee shop. She had not been asked to work on the third floor and tells Art she would like to do so. Art blurts out his interest in her. Vita-s past history has made her cold to all men except her father, so she avoids Art-s overtures. Vita rushes out. Sorry he handled matters so badly, Art asks Vita to be his personal assistant. She agrees and no longer performs. Belatedly thinking that Art may be more likely to make her happy than she had originally thought, Vita invites him to dinner at her home. During the evening, they find that there is more to their relationship than physical attraction. They are falling in love.

Art and Vita-s lives roll forward quickly. They wed and buy a home and give an elegant and impressive party after their marriage. They go on a honeymoon in a very special cabin high in the Poconos. A few months later, Vita announces that she is pregnant, and gives birth to the first of their three children. Vita and Art manage to hold everything together throughout the tragedies that strike their families. They continue to expand a now-legal Gold Studio internationally after Art had purchased it from Howie Gold and partner with another film company.

The Ways of Love is a story of the deep, lasting love between two vitally alive people who manage throughout their lives to lead what is considered a normal life, even though they are involved in the adult film business.

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