Author: Matt Bone

Matt Bone lives and writes in Bath, UK, where he is steadily working through the city's supply of caffeine. He has degrees in both Astrophysics and English Literature, supporting his ambition to be entirely unemployable.

Endless is his debut novel, and the first in the Crescent fantasy series.


Endless - Crescent, #1

  • Number: B006OQ5O1O
  • Release: 2011-12-20
  • Author: Matt Bone
  • Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  • Tags: * Fantasy
  • Publisher: Independently Published
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Endless is the exhilarating first book of the brand new fantasy series, Crescent.

Two women flee their subjugated city...

An agent of the half-man gives chase...

Crescent shudders with the threat of a monstrous war...

The Endless have returned.

After an inexplicable catastrophe on Earth, John is left to live out a solitary existence. Around him the streets are desolate and unchanging - yet he cannot escape the feeling of being hunted. Are his debilitating headaches and the glimpses of an impossible, living light symptoms of what happened to everyone else, or does the universe have something else in mind?

John's fate is entwined with Crescent, a world teeming with life both human and supernatural, where Spirit storms rack the skies and rumours of a terrible army in the north have the great nations in unrest. A world where John could rediscover the bonds of life and love - and where he could lose everything again.

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