Author: Matt Beaumont

Matt was born up in the north a long, long time ago.
He was always fairly good at drawing, so his parents packed him off to an art school in London to learn a trade. Three years on he put his graphic design training to good use by getting a job in advertising.
As a writer.
Which he did for a long, long time.
Then one day he asked Maria what she thought about the idea of a novel written entirely in emails.
And so began his second writing career.
Matt is father to the two kids mentioned in Maria’s bit. Or so she tells him.
He doesn’t do anything very useful, he smokes too much and he listens to music all the time. Even in his sleep most likely.


E Squared

E Squared
  • 4 Stars
  • Number: 9780452295971
  • Release: January 2010
  • Author: Matt Beaumont
  • Genre: Mainstream
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  • Publisher: Penguin Group
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What happens when you reply to spam? Will making a tit of yourself on YouTube get you on Big Brother? Is selling your boss's office furniture on eBay a sensible way to pay off tricky gambling debts? Is it OK for children to smoke if the cigarettes are really tiny? Is text a suitable medium for a suicide note?

Ten years after e, Matt Beaumont's sequel bravely continues to tackle the questions that matter - frankly, the questions that no other author is asking. "What is literature for if it isn't to examine the complex nature of our existence?" Matt rightly contends. He confidently expects this one to be his shot at the Booker.

Fact 1: upon publication e2 propelled Matt to #2 on the heat Hot List, where he was beaten only by the legendary singer, lover and raconteur, Peter Andre. He finished higher than, among others, sexy Calvin Harris and smouldering Shakira. And he didn't have to resort to Shakira's tacky stunt of donning a flesh-tone body stocking to gain attention. 


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