Author: Mark Rosendorf

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The Rasner Effect

The Rasner Effect
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  • Number: 9781628302646
  • Release: 2014-02-08
  • Author: Mark Rosendorf
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Tags: Suspense: Action / Thriller
  • Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
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Rick Rasner escaped death in a New York City bridge explosion—but he couldn't escape becoming an unwitting participant in a top secret military experiment. Seven years later, while working at an institution for troubled children, Rick finds himself the target of a group of mercenaries called The Duke Organization. When they meet, the life of Rick Rasner, and the lives of the Duke Organization, will change forever...but not as much as that of fifteen year old, Clara Blue. Pulled into a world of violence, can Clara escape, or will she choose to stay?

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Status Quo - Status Quo, #1

Status Quo
  • Number: B00CFV2BNQ
  • Release: 2013-04-19
  • Author: Mark Rosendorf
  • Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  • Tags: * Science Fiction
  • Publisher: Penumbra Publishing
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College student Alexander Copeland worked as an assistant for astronomer Gordon Maxwell. Alex was offered the opportunity of a lifetime – to join a small civilian crew and travel to outer space to investigate a mysterious wormhole presumed to have been created by an alien species. But the top-secret government division sponsoring Dr. Maxwell’s research abruptly canceled the expedition and closed down the entire project.

Seven years later, twenty-five-year-old Alex, working as a New York inner-city junior high school science teacher, is contacted by the same arrogant government project director who tells him the original space expedition has been revived. Alex is offered a seat on an advanced space shuttle christened Status Quo, set to go through the wormhole. But Alex is immediately suspicious. After seven years, why is the project suddenly on again?

Alex’s new shipmates only add to his anxiety. Sara Maxwell, gifted daughter of the late Dr. Maxwell, has spent the last seven years in a mental institution. The ship’s pilot is a teenage boy whose only flight experience is on a simulator. The pilot’s mother, also chosen as a crewmember, is supposedly psychic. The ship’s doctor is a novice who wants nothing to do with the mission. A troubled teenage girl on the brink of suicide is also accepted as part of the crew. There’s even a convicted murderer and a cat aboard. Absolutely no one chosen for this mission has any sort of astronaut training or experience. And worst of all, the project director’s agenda appears to be making sure that the ship and all aboard never return to Earth.

It’s a conspiracy that leaves these lost souls stranded in a strange galaxy with a damaged ship surrounded by threats both human and alien. Even if this group worked together and managed to survive, could they – would they – return to the uncaring world that sent them to space to die? With the alternative looking exceedingly grim, the journey of Status Quo seems doomed. Or is it?

Partial proceeds from Status Quo will be donated to The American Cancer Society for breast cancer research through the Bosom Buddies Organization.

Without Hesitation - The Rasner Effect II

Without Hesitation
  • Stars
  • Number: 9781603182126
  • Release: 02/01/2010
  • Author: Mark Rosendorf
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Tags:
  • Publisher: L&L Dreamspell
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After two years in the Brookhill Childrens' Psychiatric residence, Clara Blue is ready to leave, but at what cost?
Clara is back in the Brookhill residence after Rick Rasner and the Duke Organization laid waste to the facility and liberated her as one of their own. She went willingly, seeing this rogue mercenary group as the accepting family she'd sought after her entire young life. The dream came to an abrupt end, however, when rival mercenary, Jake Scarberry, attacked the Duke Organization's headquarters. The battle's climax left Rick for dead, the group in ruins, and saw Clara sent back to the Brookhill facility. Now, consumed with regaining her freedom, her constant escape attempts and delusional hallucinations keep Clara distracted and ostracized by the new staff and patients alike.
As the Brookhill residence recovers, Rick's co-leader, Jennifer Duke, arrives under the guise of a therapist. With her presence, Clara is sure rescue is imminent. But Jen is there for another reason as well, one that scares Clara. Only Jake Scarberry has a chance of halting Jen's nefarious plans, IF he can be coaxed out of the solace of civilian life.