Author: Mark Klein

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The Currency of Life - Uncovering the Clues to Why We're Here

The Currency of Life
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  • Number: 9780976168416
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  • Author: Mark Klein
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  • Publisher: Greenbriar Publishing
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What matters in life? Which of our actions count for more, which for less? What each of us really wants to know is this: Why are we here in the first place? It's 2010, yet in many ways it might as well be 1010. Despite the repeated warnings that to ignore history is to repeat it, in fact that is precisely what we do, both as individuals and as societies. Is it possible to create the world we all hope for, a world without violence, a world in which we can raise our children in peace and harmony? Can human life be reinvented? Mark E. Klein, MD explains why our traditional view of life is flawed and has led us to the current chaotic state of our world. Through an analysis of clues offered up by both science and the seemingly ordinary facts of daily existence, he describes an alternative explanation of life.