Author: Mark Franzosa

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When Dragons Die - The Scrolls of Exodoria Book 2

When Dragons Die
  • Number: 9781487405779
  • Release: 2016-01-22
  • Author: Mark Franzosa
  • Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  • Tags: * Fantasy
  • Publisher: Devine Destinies
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One hundred years have passed since the city of Allew fell to an orc onslaught led by Sart and Selene. The Western Continent has sent scout ships to the East every year since the fall to assess the situation, but the enigmatic Selart Empire hasn’t yielded any secrets.

Kit is a mage on one of those scouting missions. The mission is an utter failure, and Kit is shipwrecked on the northern extremes of the Western Continent. Stranded far from home, he must negotiate his way through the mysterious territory of the neutral Fae Kingdom, unravel the secrets of an old helmet, and root out traitors in his home town of Azure Bay.

Danger lurks around every corner, friends can’t be trusted, foes can become allies, and Kit will learn what consequences await him when dragons die.

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