Author: Marie Booth

Marie's a Northern California girl with a love of all things artsy fartsy - as her brother says. A theatre and fantasy geek, she writes sexy paranormal romance and has a hot contemporary series.


Simmer - The Gate Series Book 2

  • Number: B07FYVZWMM
  • Release: 2018-09-21
  • Author: Marie Booth
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary
  • Publisher: Gayle Parness
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In sixty days Chef Sloane Gabrielli will have to close the doors on her family owned restaurant. The real estate company has decided the building should be gentrified to fit in with the neighboring stores- pushing out long time tenants without a second thought. But Sloane isn’t the type to roll over and show her belly. The oldest of five siblings, Sloane will protect her employees, her community and her family legacy with every single cell in her petite body. Victor Hanley had better gird his loins.

Victor Hanley spends his days composing music for big name stars, performing with his band and running his recording studio. When his father is convicted of murder and sent to jail, Victor is named trustee of a real estate company he has no interest in, suddenly responsible for the welfare of his employees and the financial solvency of the company. He could try to back away, but when Sloane Gabrielli comes storming into his office, her eyes flaring with anger, her full lips pulled back in a spectacular snarl, her hips swaying in a mesmerizing way, he has second thoughts. Maybe tasting what this luscious chef has to offer is exactly what he needs.

Stroke - The Gate Series Book 1

  • Number: B07BZSXXP9
  • Release: 2018-04-30
  • Author: Marie Booth
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, #FirstInaSeries
  • Publisher: Gayle Parness
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Damien’s screwed. His father’s been kidnapped and the steamy art collection he’s been forced to steal needs a restoration expert in a hurry. Cassandra’s his last hope but she’s having doubts, questioning his story, making his muscles hard with tension.

He’s going to have to find a way to ease her mind, because the sexy, spirited Cassandra can never discover the paintings were stolen.

Cassandra’s in trouble. Her art studio is in financial ruin, restoration jobs are few and far between and the most gorgeous man in San Francisco has just offered her a job working on one of the greatest collections of her career. The only problem – the work has to be done at his house and her skin is already tingling with desire whenever he gets close.

Can she trust him? Trust comes with truth and she’s been burned before.

Dying for a Bite

Dying for a Bite
  • Number: 9781623009717
  • Release: 2015-08-03
  • Author: Marie Booth
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Speculative / PNR, * SPICY: HOT Romance, * SPICY: Multiple Partners
  • Publisher: Loose Id LLC
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Estelle’s a sweet Southern girl with lots of spirit but low self-esteem when it comes to her very curvy body. When she’s seduced and bitten by two of the sexiest, most desirable vampires in Shortfalls, Georgia, her sexuality’s coming alive for the first time. Thanks to the two sexy hunks she’s living with, she discovers her erogenous zones are her favorite highway to heaven. Could un-life get any better?

Nathaniel enjoyed seducing bloody gorgeous Estelle, but when her charms worked their magic on him, he lost control and bit her. Now he’s her maker, responsible for her training. While he plans to enjoy every minute of Estelle’s sexual instruction, particularly sharing her with the love of his life, Maurice, Maurice is not as enthusiastic.

When Estelle intrudes on his perfect life with Nathan, Maurice is not happy. Sure, the woman’s body is easy to arouse and enjoy--he has to admit--but he’s now determined to take back control. The fangs are coming out and so are the cuffs.

But when danger strikes their nest in the form of a rival gang, Estelle, Nathaniel and Maurice learn they’re bound together by more than sex and blood.

Yielding to Pleasure - Theta Series Book 2

Yielding to Pleasure
  • Number: B00YBOGEC4
  • Release: 2015-06-17
  • Author: Marie Booth
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Speculative / PNR
  • Publisher: Independently Published
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Matteo, a street theta from Brooklyn, NY has kept his neighborhood clear of supernatural criminals for the past five years. Ten years ago, demons killed his father and kidnapped his sister, Bella. Now he's sworn to find his sister and avenge his father.

Anne, an escaped troupe theta, is hiding out in Manhattan, hunted by The Director’s soldiers and barely surviving. After a brutal attack, she’s shocked to find herself in the apartment of a sexy Latino street theta determined to nurse her back to health. Somehow she has to keep her identity a secret or else both their lives will be in danger.

Gene is now the leader of the rebellion against The Director’s tyranny, recruiting new thetas and struggling with the choices he's forced to make. When Matteo and Anne need his help, he does his best to convince them to become part of his team. But when a former enemy tries to form an alliance, and a trusted friend goes behind his back, his long-term plans begin to collapse. (This book was previously published under author name Gayle Parness.)

Playing with Passion - Theta Series Book 1

Playing with Passion
  • Number: B00UXHWKN0
  • Release: 2015-04-15
  • Author: Marie Booth
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Speculative / PNR, #FirstInaSeries
  • Publisher: Independently Published
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A slave to the archdemon known as the Director, Ingrid has spent her life forced to project fantasies for alpha werewolves and master vampires, sometimes becoming a victim of those fantasies herself. Now she's determined to break free. All that she needs is a little cooperation and magical help from her powerful and very sexy production manager, Mack.

Mack protects his troupe and powers the theta performances with his axis energy. He makes sure every show goes smoothly for the actors and the audience, he keeps the quality up so that ticket sales are good and The Director's happy, and most important, he makes sure none of his actors does anything that might get them retired—another word for executed. But this sexy new leading lady is causing trouble, using too much power, running experiments with her magic, endangering them all.

When Mack attempts to put a stop to Ingrid's reckless behavior, Ingrid and Mack find they're connected in a way neither one of them could have imagined, forcing Mack to finally listen to Ingrid's plans for a life free from the Director's tyranny. (Playing with Passion was previously published under author name, Gayle Parness.)

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  • Simmer Simmer
  • Stroke Stroke
  • Dying for a Bite Dying for a Bite
  • Yielding to Pleasure Yielding to Pleasure
  • Playing with Passion Playing with Passion