Author: Margot Anand

Margot Anand is the bestselling author of five books on sexual tantra. Her groundbreaking book The Art of Sexual Ecstasy (Tarcher, Putnam) has been published in fifteen countries. Margot has been a guest on CNN, ABC, Nightline, and major TV and radio in ten countries. She has appeared in international press and magazines including Time, Elle, and Cosmopolitan. Margot has been on the teaching faculty of Dr. Deepak Chopra's programs, and has worked with Tony Robbins' couples’ programs, Dr. Dean Ornish (nutritionist of President and Mrs. Clinton at the White House), and the Omega Institute.


Love, Sex, and Awakening - An Erotic Journey from Tantra to Spiritual Ecstasy

Love, Sex, and Awakening
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  • Number: 9780738751719
  • Release: 2017-01-08
  • Author: Margot Anand
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: Erotica
  • Publisher: Llewellyn Publications
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Famed tantric practitioner and teacher Margot Anand has led a life of spiritual bliss and erotic ecstasy. This book recounts the fascinating adventures, turning points, and breakthroughs on her path from sex to awakening, and it includes techniques and exercises to help you connect to the powerful energy of the erotic spirit.