Author: Manda Mellett

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Joker's Fool - Satan's Devils MC, #8

Joker's Fool
  • Number: B07GZQYBC1
  • Release: 2018-09-11
  • Author: Manda Mellett
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romantic Suspense, GLBTQ+
  • Publisher: Trish Haill Associates
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Disowned by my own blood -- my family.

I’ve found a new home, a new place in the world, and now I must keep my secret. They can't find out who I once was--who I still am. I can't change, but I can disguise myself to avoid being a social pariah.

I WILL hide in plain sight.

They WON'T be suspicious.

I CAN mask my dark mind and sordid desires…

That's until I meet him. Lady’s Man. For the first time I see a person who might be the salvation I have been looking for. Someone who can extinguish the fire of evil that burns inside me, destroying me from the inside out.

Will he help me? Or will he bring me down, ensuring I lose everything?

Close Protection - Blood Brothers #2

Close Protection
  • Number: B01L9RZHUU
  • Release: 2016-08-29
  • Author: Manda Mellett
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * SPICY: HOT Romance, * Under 45k Words, Series: Stands Alone
  • Publisher: Trish Haill Associates
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In my line of work making a mistake could mean someone ends up dead.

I knew from the start I shouldn’t have assigned myself to provide personal protection for the woman who’s being stalked, but as soon as I met Mia, something about her calls to me and I wasn’t about to let anyone else get close to her. But I was selfish. I failed, again. And yet again, someone else paid the price for my failure.

I’m a Dom; I should have known better.


For seven years I’ve been dead inside. Oh, I’ve been breathing air and walking around just like anyone else, but something was missing, I just didn’t know what.

And now someone’s stalking me, threatening me, which brings him into my life. Not just any man, but a Dom, and now he’s become my protector. He makes me feel things I never believed I could ever feel. But the deeper I fall for him, the more he pulls away. And when it all goes wrong he blames himself, and I lose the first and only man I could ever love.

But I’m going to get him back.

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