Author: Major Thaddeus Tinker

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The Steampunk Gazette

The Steampunk Gazette
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  • Number: 9780764165566
  • Release: 2012-09-01
  • Author: Major Thaddeus Tinker
  • Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  • Tags: Steampunk
  • Publisher: Barron's Educational Series
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This handsomely produced, color-illustrated volume tells the story of Steampunk, which started in the 1980s as a pop culture movement inspired by the early science fiction that came out of the Victorian era. It soon developed into an international lifestyle movement, having its own distinctive art, fashion, home decor, music, and social events. The Steampunk Gazette chronicles the origins and development of this subculture, using an illustrated newspaper-style design that reflects Steampunk's retro aesthetic. Telling Steampunk's story in words, complemented with atmospheric color photos and Victorian-style typefaces and page designs, The Steampunk Gazette highlights topics that include--

Retro Victorian clothing fashions for men and women Gentlemen's headgear Jules Verne-style submarine equipment and exploration The 30 foot tall Steampunk metal tree and tree house in Black Rock City, Nevada Steampunk home furnishings, invariably rescued from dusty attics Illustrated descriptions of Steampunk flying machines, computers, steam guns, and other pseudo-inventions Illustrated reports covering Steampunk music, dance, and theater Accounts of Steampunk festivals, clubs, and cabarets Steampunk sports and games

The Steampunk Gazette will delight anyone who is interested in learning more about the origins--and current expression--of this vital and burgeoning arts movement. Color illustrations on most pages--approximately 500 in total.