Author: M.T. Albright

My character Jules De la Cruz is an amalgamation of all the strong women in my life. Like Jules, they have all tended to shoot first, and ask what you want later.

"The Guy's A Loser Detective Agency" was an act of nostalgia; an attempt to capture, again, the fear and thrill that I remember from youth, running from policemen through beautiful European cities, crossing borders with contraband, and talking philosophy with Spanish seminarians and Tunisian immigrants.

I've served time as a busker, a bartender, and a Hollywood extra - and a little time in a jail cell at Heathrow.

I currently work for an undisclosable government agency. 


The Guy's a Loser Detective Agency

The Guy's a Loser Detective Agency
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  • Author: M.T. Albright
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romantic Suspense, Suspense: Mystery
  • Publisher: Closed - Musa Publishing
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Jules De la Cruz loves her job chasing dead beat dads and photographing philandering husbands for her own one-woman firm, The-Guy’s-a-Loser Detective Agency. She gets to dress up, play spy, and bask in the sunsets of Santa Fe, New Mexico. This enjoyable lifestyle is shattered when some men in black volunteer her to catch the biggest loser of all: her ex-husband.

Soon, Jules is on a roller coaster ride through London, Paris and Rome chasing – and being chased by – a greedy art dealer, the FBI, and a radical group of aging monks. Along the way, Jules meets Thomas Palomar, a magazine writer who is interested in a set of mysterious “icons” that were stolen along with some weapons. Jules and Thomas soon uncover the horrible secret contained in the icons. They need to make the secret known to the world, but it could cost them their lives.