Author: M.H Grace

A couple of friends, co authoring a stellar debut book.

We are both avid readers that love to be swept away in the form of a really great read. Liking many genres between the two of us, we formed a bond over two common things. A mutual love of a best friend we both see as a sister and a shared passion for books that can transport us into the realm of another life.

Calibrating between us has been a joyous and fulfilling experience.

We both hope you love our story as much as we loved writing them.


Binary Law - Boston Series, #1

Binary Law
  • Number: B00G3TF6N8
  • Release: 2013-12-05
  • Author: M.H Grace
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, Debut Title
  • Publisher: M.H. Grace
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Ellie Andrews has been receiving tutoring from Blake McCarthy for three years to help her improve her grades so she can get into one of the top universities to study law. And she’s had a huge crush on him since she can remember.

Blake McCarthy is the geek at school that’s had a crush on Ellie since the day he met her.

In their final tutoring session, Blake and Ellie finally become brave enough to take the leap of faith.

But, life has other plans and rips them apart.

Six years later Blake and his best friends Ben and Billy have built a successful internet platform company 3BCubed, while Ellie is a successful and hardworking lawyer specialising in Corporate Law.

3BCubed is being threatened with a devastatingly large plagiarism case and when it lands on their lawyers desk, it’s handed to the new Corporate Lawyer to handle and win.

Coincidence or perhaps fate will see Blake and Ellie pushed back together.

Binary Law will have Blake and Ellie propelled into a life that’s a whirl wind of catastrophic events and situations where every emotion will be touched. Hurt will be experienced, happiness will be presented and love will be evident. But is that enough for Blake and Ellie be able to live out their own happily ever after?

“I have no intentions of this journey ending anytime soon, but it starts tonight, with you and me” - Blake McCarthy

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