Author: M Black

M. Black is a pen name of Ami Blackwelder. M. Black is her dystopia and thriller line of books. Rebecca May is the pen name for her historical and contemporary line of books. Ami Blackwelder writes paranormal and scifi novels. Her stories range from Tween & YA to Adult. Growing up in Florida, she graduated UCF and in 1997 received her BA in English and additional teaching credentials. Then she packed her bags and travelled overseas to teach in Thailand, Nepal, Tibet, China and Korea. She has always loved writing and wrote poems and short stores since childhood; however, her novels began when she was in Thailand in her early thirties. Having won the Best Fiction Award from the University of Central Florida (Yes, The Blair Witch Project University), her short fiction From Joy We Come, Unto Joy We Return was published in the on campus literary magazine: Cypress Dome and remains to this day in University libraries around the USA. Later, she achieved the semi-finals in a Laurel Hemingway contest and published a few poems in the Thailand’s Expat magazine, and an article in the Thailand’s People newspaper. Additionally, she has published poetry in the Korea’s AIM magazine, the American Poetic Monthly magazine and Twisted Dreams Magazine.


Quantum State

Quantum State
  • Number: B0772RRGRJ
  • Release: 2017-10-31
  • Author: M Black
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: * Romance: Speculative / PNR, * Science Fiction
  • Publisher: M. Black
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In a distant future only known as year 61 of MAQS, the quiet utopian district of Cherni contains the perfect system. Everyone is assigned a duty, and life is harmonious directed by the chief quantum computer: MAQS.

But Masha Mikhailov is not convinced of MAQS’ sincerity, and is determined to escape. Aided by her best friend Esfir, Masha's plans take a surprising turn when she is assigned to marry the Keeper, Kazimir.

With both time and options running out, can Masha find her way out... or be forever trapped in the "perfect" life designated for her by the powerful AI?

If you're a fan of Hyperion, The Giver, The Matrix, 1984 or Eagle Eye, you will love Quantum State.

Animal Graph - Graph World Book 1

Animal Graph
  • Number: B072M7BVXR
  • Release: 2017-06-07
  • Author: M Black
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: * Young Adult, * Science Fiction, #FirstInaSeries
  • Publisher: M. Black
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ENTER A WORLD OF ANIMAL GRAPHS in this SciFi FANTASY DYSTOPIA that is also called a "YA AMAZON POST-APOCALYPTIC never-before-seen-concept in a kind of HUNGER GAMES meets DR. Moreau!"

GET LOST WITH JIN IN A WORLD OF EXOTIC ANIMALS, LANDSCAPES, RIVERS, WARRING GROUPS, AND AN EVIL RULER. The novel came to the author in a dream. When prisoners are experimented on by the ruler of the Americas, after a nuclear war, their cells are grafted with cells and neural tissue from animals of the Amazon. Release to be hunted in the Amazon, to train soldier, Jin finds another Graph like herself named Adan and the two have to survive the Amazon if they are going to live.

Immerse yourself in the gorgeous and dangerous Amazon, find new creatures, learn about new exotic countries, travel the highlands, savannas, and plateaus in this breath-taking, page-turning book, ANIMAL GRAPH.


Exotiqa - Exotiqa World, #1

  • Number: B06WRWZRMN
  • Release: 2017-03-01
  • Author: M Black
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: * Young Adult, * Science Fiction, #FirstInaSeries
  • Publisher: Independently Published
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A Robot Cyberpunk Dystopia

The second release by debut author M. Black, dubbed Divergent meets iRobot. This novel will appeal to a vast array of audiences. Filled with haunting questions of consciousness and artificial intelligence, identity and self-awareness, politics and love, life and death, the reader will be engaged in an entertaining story filled with futuristic technology.

Set in the cyberpunk year 2055 in British Columbia, Canada, where humans are part robotic and robots are becoming more humanlike, the line dividing the two is becoming less clear.

When sixteen-year-old Fione meets Maci, a twenty-one-year-old Flexbot who escapes from ImaTech located along the crust of the Coast Mountains, Fione’s life is taken on a roller-coaster ride of events that begins with trying to save Maci from ImaTech Corporation and ends with trying to save the country.

With Fione's best friend and love interest, a Flexbot named Pix, Fione and Maci must come face-to-face with the greatest dangers their country has ever seen and learn the disturbing secrets of the popular online program Exotiqa—which her friends, family, and most of the country has downloaded onto their Cerebral Slabs. This won’t be easy, since Maci’s only love and greatest enemy, nicknamed Thirty, is tracking her every move.

Told from two points of view: Maci’s and Fione's, this dystopia is filled with plenty of futuristic technology, and tells a story of a world that could eerily mirror our own one day.

Read this Robot Cyberpunk Dystopia if you are a fan of Divergent, The Hunger Games, Blade Runner (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?) and futuristic technology. Two young, but strong female heroines must save the fragile system crumbling around them. This story will even satisfy those looking for something with more philosophical themes and it is a perfect fit for readers interested in science fiction, artificial intelligence and robotics.

Simulation - Simulation World, #1

  • Number: B01N0QLPHH
  • Release: 2017-01-14
  • Author: M Black
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: * Young Adult, * Science Fiction, Debut Title, #FirstInaSeries
  • Publisher: M. Black
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SIMULATION is a fictional novel and is the DEBUT release from Dystopian Thrillers author M. Black. A YA SyFy dystopia, along the lines of City of Ember meets CW’s The 100. This story will capture your heart and still won’t let go even at the end. Written in part while listening to Outside by Ellie Goulding, this story contrasts technology to nature, rich to poor, privilege to hardship, and illusion to reality.

“No one is getting in but whom we allow, and no one is ever getting out.”

Set in 2175 in Colorado, USA, where Citigogs are the new form of cities and citizens are kept under a careful population control, we meet Ilia the Princess of our main Citigog named Iliad, and Jez a Giver. As Ilia spends more time with Jez, she finds herself drawn to the Outside and ventures out of her Citigog only to learn that everything is not what it seems.

Fans of the Divergent and Hunger Games series will revel in this story about a strong, but disillusioned heroine who must become brave as she uncovers the truth about her world.

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