Author: Lucy Vaserfirer

Lucy Vaserfirer is a culinary educator, chef, recipe developer, food blogger, food stylist, food photographer, and the author of Marinades: The Quick-Fix Way to Turn Everyday Food Into Exceptional Fare, with 400 Recipes, Flavored Butters: How to Make Them, Shape Them, and Use Them as Spreads, Toppings, and Sauces, and Seared to Perfection: The Simple Art of Sealing in Flavor. Her entertaining and educational blog, Hungry Cravings, demystifies complicated cooking and baking techniques and offers delicious, foolproof recipes. Lucy has given classes for both home and professional cooks and bakers for many years and is currently an instructor at Clark College in Washington and at Mount Hood Community College in Oregon. A Le Cordon Bleu graduate with degrees in both culinary arts and patisserie and baking, she lives with her husband in Vancouver, Washington.


Flavored Butters - How to Make Them, Shape Them, and Use Them as Spreads, Toppings, and Sauces - 50 Series

Flavored Butters
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  • Release: 2013-04-02
  • Author: Lucy Vaserfirer
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Flavored butters, also called compound butters, have a multitude of uses. They make a plain baguette or artisan loaf come alive with flavor; they complement a hearty breakfast muffin or delicate scone; they serve as quick-fix sauces for a piece of fish, meat or a bowl of pasta; and they brighten an artichoke or a serving of green beans in surprising ways.

We often see flavored butters as an elegant touch to bread service in restaurants, but there are plenty more varieties and uses that are easy for home cooks to use in their kitchens as well. Lucy Vaserfirer’s Flavored Butters is the first and only book that provides the recipes and techniques for homemade flavored butters. In fifty recipes, Vaserfirer offers up ideas that are amazingly quick to execute in the kitchen and transformative in the flavor they impart.

The recipes cover both sweet and savory applications, and each recipe has advice about what the butter is best used on. In addition to the recipes, there are plenty of photographs to illustrate, and ample tips and tricks, like the perfect temperature at which to serve the butters, how to serve, and the tools needed for making stunning presentations with flavored butters.