Author: Lucinda Betts

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Pure Sex

Pure Sex
  • Number: B000JMKRVQ
  • Release: 2006-09-12
  • Authors: Sasha White, Bonnie Edwards, Lucinda Betts
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * SPICY: HOT Romance, Collections & Anthologies
  • Publisher: Aphrodisia
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What you want. What you need. What you crave. Three dangerously hot stories that are 100%



The Bet

If golden girl Zoe wins the company's big promotion, she gets Phillip's bonus. If Phillip wins, Zoe's his sex slave for twenty-four hours. Losing? That is so not going to happen. She'd rather chew off her foot. Phillip has other ideas. He'd rather be in charge of a sinfully uninhibited fantasy encounter. But once all bets are off, there's no going back


Slow Hand

Is that a furious runaway bride marching down the beach? Caribbean charter captain Jared McKay to the rescue. She's ready to pitch her wedding shoes overboard and sail away. Aye aye. Whatever the lady wants. Hey, was that a garter flying by? And wait a minute'a white lace thong just hit the deck. His wildest dreams are about to come true'


The Crib

P.I. Alexis Signorino works undercover as a cocktail waitress in a tough biker bar called The Crib and she just ran into a suspect: Devon Kaye, looking guilty as sin and twice as hot. Alexis is up for a smokin' sexual adventure and it's almost closing time

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