Author: Lucia Grayson

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Ask Me If...

Ask Me If...
  • Number: B07C71RJHQ
  • Release: 2018-04-15
  • Author: Lucia Grayson
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, * Romance: Sports
  • Publisher: La Carpa Creative
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Megan knows that something is wrong when she breaks down crying in her car because of a song on the radio. She packs up her successful career and moves from London, England to Pennsylvania, to reconnect with her father. When she is forced to help out at his pub, she finds herself in close proximity to Jake- the gorgeous, unattainable guy she crushed on every summer of her teen years. He was training to be a boxer, and still has the charm, confidence and sculpted torso. So inconvenient. He’s all grown up, another reminder to Megan of what’s she’s missed out on. Now they’re under one roof, closing the pub every night once the customers leave, and she fights her attraction for as long as she can, while trying to save her Dad’s business and hopefully his health.

Jake is working three jobs and dealing with everyone’s problems: mounting debts, family crises and ghosts from the past. When Megan shows up, she reawakens a lot of feelings that he’s had on lockdown. He always put her on a pedestal, but now she’s back, and still too good for him. He wants to prove that he’s changed, but he’s caught up in complications and commitments that he can’t share with her, when all he really wants is to share everything, starting with her bed. When he realizes there’s a lot she doesn’t know about him, he wants to make up for lost time, but his old life isn’t ready to let go of him yet…

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