Author: Lotchie Burton

Writer of erotic short stories—suddenly and unexpectedly turned romance author. Have travelled all over the world and spent time in/lived in several different countries—twenty years in the US Air Force had its perks. I’m a graduate of Park University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice Administration. I work as a research specialist by day, and by night I scrape together a few minutes here and there to devote part-time to my fulltime passion—writing. I have two ridiculously spoiled cats, and one married son through whom I have been blessed with a wonderful daughter-in-law and two very lovely granddaughters.

I have a voracious appetite for reading, and will consume anything ranging from horror to romance, suspense to thrillers, comic books to medical journals—the list is seemingly endless. My taste is eclectic and runs from the mundane to the extreme. I enjoy the soothing sounds of smooth jazz and the rhythmic beats of R&B, and relish extended moments of silence immersed in sensual surroundings. I have an appreciation for all art mediums, interior decorating/design, visiting museums and browsing at the Home Depot. I’m a critical thinker and an avid problem solver, with a mind steeped in philosophy—driven by fantasy.