Author: Lorrie Kruse

I was reading a book many, many years ago by John Sanford, one of his "Prey" series, something involving a snowmobile. That's all I remember of the book. And I came up with an idea for a book and I thought about contacting John Sanford somehow and telling him my idea so he could write it. Then, I thought, hmm, why can't I write it? So, I sat down with a notebook and a pen and came up with the book. It's been so long, I no longer remember if I wrote the whole thing out long hand or if I started out with the notebook, but the point is, I wrote the book myself instead of letting John Sanford do it.

The book was (think of Rapunzel in Tangled) The Best Thing Ever (except Rapunzel would say this is The Best Day Ever). Then I joined a critique group and found out my story sucked. I figured I had two choices. Give up. Or get better. Obviously I went with option two, and man am I glad I did. I've had times of doubt whether that was the best choice. Lots of times of doubt. I even gave up writing for a while. But, I'm stubborn, and my book, A Life Worth Living, is the result.

So, that's how Lorrie the writer was created.

For Lorrie the person, by day I am a legal secretary (not to be confused with the illegal secretary that I am the rest of the time) and a wife (to my wonderful, supportive hubby Brian) and a mom (to my wrestling son Tyler and a furry four-legged critter, our Alaskan husky Token). In addition to writing, my creativity comes out in the form of crochet and handcrafted beaded jewelry.