Author: Lori Strongin

“Normal is overrated” is the mantra of author Lori T. Strongin. A hard-core Taurus with a love for elves, zombie squirrels, and cannibalistic cotton balls, Lori is an avid reader and writer and can usually be found glued to her laptop, killing people.

Born and bred on the New Jersey shore--yes that Jersey shore--Lori currently lives in theme park central, otherwise known as Central Florida, where she spends her days fending off the most dangerous of creatures: tourists. She's been to all fifty states, thirteen countries, and holds the distinction of being among the few people in the world to faceplant not into one, but two glaciers. In her free time, she's lead soloist in her shower, a champion cat wrangler, and Queen of General Geekery.

An English/Creative Writing honors graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder, Lori is the author of more than a dozen creepy and warped tales—most containing fairly high body counts. Check out for pictures, fan art, and further insight into a truly twisted mind.