Author: Lore Graham

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  • Number: B07CRMDR29
  • Release: 2018-05-04
  • Authors: Caitlin Ricci, Lore Graham
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Speculative / PNR, GLBTQ+
  • Publisher: eXtasy Books Inc
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Nic is happy running a kink club with his three best friends and business partners. Sure, he’s young and often gets mistaken for a sub, but he knows who he is and is comfortable with his life. The only thing that puts him on edge are the werewolves that get closer everyday to the human parts of town. He tries to keep his head down and not attract attention to himself, but when the wolves push, he’s not one to stand idly back.

Hooking up with a human could ruin the stable life Morcant has built for himself. But he’s desperate to find something to hold onto and Labyrinth is one of the few gay clubs in the city. Werewolves don't look well upon same-sex relationships, but Morcant can't stand being in the closet any longer. He has an ex-wife and years of pent up unhappy memories that he needs to be released from and a desire to let it all go.

Within the sanctuary of the darkened rooms of Labyrinth Morcant finds his freedom, but Nic can never know his secret. Humans don’t play with werewolves and Morcant’s submission to Nic could cost them both everything.

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