Author: Lisa Troy

The ideas for my stories come to me while I swim in the crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea. I put them on screen, sitting at my balcony and watching the enchanting Santorini sunsets paint the sky a deep orange. Handsome Greek men knock on my door for sugar (or honey) and I oblige with pleasure. Now for a touch of reality…

My life is hardly that movie-like, although I am Greek. I don’t live on an island; they’re perfect for vacation, but trust me, totally impractical for permanent stay. I’m a simple 28-year old who works at a bank by day and creates her own little worlds by night. Everything may not be perfect there, but the heros always get their happily ever after’s. I enjoy reading romance as much as I do writing it and I hope someday people will read my books and feel like I do when I put a good book down.

As if the world is suddenly a little brighter.