Author: Lisa Shiroff

Lisa Shiroff writes because she's not sure what else she can do with herself. Oh sure, she's a wife, mom of two kids, and manages to walk her dog every day, but as far as careers go, the only thing she knows how to do is write, cook and mix a drink. Chefs and bartenders have to work weekends, though, so she's sticking to the writing gig. She currently resides in south Jersey.


Hitting the Sauce - Dining with Lucy McCool, #1

Hitting the Sauce
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  • Number: B00HC1D4PI
  • Release: 2013-12-26
  • Author: Lisa Shiroff
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Tags: Suspense: Mystery, Debut Title
  • Publisher: Tasfil Publications LLC
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Hitting the Sauce: A delicious caper that could only take place in Atlantic City.

Atlantic City social worker Lucy Womzak had always been able to find the good in people, to make the best out of bad situations and to cook her way through stress.

So when Les, her husband, leaves her for a slightly younger (but much skinnier) woman, she’s sure she has the skill set to handle it and re-create a happy home for her and her sixteen-year-old twins. After all, she can still make a decent meatloaf.

But positive thinking and a degree in therapy can only go so far. When she discovers Les had led a secret life as a mafia-wannabe that may have now put her in danger, she realizes could use a little help, especially since the secret ingredient for her tomato sauce is at risk, too.

Lucy reaches out to her good friend, Nico. Together they broker a deal with a black market farmer and hunt down a necklace stolen from a sentimental mobster.

Nico is more than willing to help. In fact he’s more than willing to be more than a friend.

Nico’s funny. Nico’s sexy. Nico can appreciate a good linguine and clam sauce. Never before did Lucy have such a delicious opportunity. But will she survive long enough to do more than just taste it?