Author: Lisa Goodwin

Lisa Goodwin lives in a small town in Eastern Colorado

She loves to read and write about anything paranormal.

When she isn't busy working as a nurse, or spending time with her family, she is busy writing paranormal romance novels.

Within Dreams is her debut novel, the first of a trilogy


Within Dreams - A Series of Dreams, #1

Within Dreams
  • Number: B005EP0R2M
  • Release: 2011-07-26
  • Author: Lisa Goodwin
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: * Romance: Speculative / PNR, * Young Adult, #FirstInaSeries
  • Publisher: Independently Published
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What would you do if your dreams really came true?

Ever since Kate Montgomery was a child she would have dreams of a boy. Whenever something scary was about to happen, this boy would find her, in her dreams.

As young nurse in a small suburban hospital, Kate Montgomery works hard just to be average, but what even Kate fails to realize is that she is far from normal. From the outside, everything appears ordinary. Kate has convinced the world and herself that she is just an simple girl who is good at her job. But when she goes to sleep, the normal world disappears, and then Kate can't hide from her dreams.

Her life has never been easy. Both of her parents were killed, and she was forced to grow up too fast. Trying to avoid the pressures of reality, Kate wishes for a man that comes to her through her dreams to be real. For Kate her dreams of this man are better than simply existing and she would give anything to have the man in her dreams be with her.

Kate finds herself torn between the desire of truly knowing love, and wishing to just be normal.

Unfortunately, Kate isn't normal. She has a gift that she is not willing to admit.
On her personal path to acceptance, Kate is forced to make decisions that will change the world as she knows it. Although she doesn't want to accept the truth, she cannot deny the love she feels for this man. But when she is finally able to accept it, Kate learns a new level of realism that she will have to deal with.

When unearthly visitors make their presence known, Kate must decide if she is able to accept the unknown as real. Strange things begin occurring more often and Kate has no choice but to accept her gift and face the challenges head on just in order to survive. She questions if she is strong enough to survive, but with his love at stake, she finds the strength to believe in herself.

Through her personal trials, Kate is led on a path of self-discovery that will change everything she has ever believed in.

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