Author: Linda Graves

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Shymmying Faith

Shymmying Faith
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  • Release: January 2011
  • Author: Linda Graves
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary
  • Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press LLC
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Faith O’Hara is determined to again become the confident Belly Dancer, extraordinaire. Attempting to put her cheating ex-fiancé and all her fluffy concepts of love behind her, she decides to explore the world of casual, fun, noncommittal relationships. Though it works well for some, she discovers becoming promiscuous isn’t as easy as she had thought.

Their first meeting involved an accidental milkshake shower. The second, a job interview ending with an ambulance ride. Both are definite signs of impending doom for Aidan Wilkerson. But he can’t ignore the fact that professionally Faith’s artistic talent would be a valuable asset for his advertising agency. Though personally, her presence could be a challenge of his will and possibly the nightmare of his conscience.

Their lives begin to spiral out of their control when someone blames Faith for stealing her man. The plan is to get him back, even over Faith’s dead body.  

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