Author: Liia Ann White

Liia Ann White's first name is pronounced "Lee-Ah" - a bit odd and unique, but she thinks it suits her just fine. Liia is a regular 25 year old Aussie, born and raised in Perth, Western Australia - the best city in the world according to her.

Liia loves all things paranormal and spent her childhood and teen years watching shows like 'Unsolved Mysteries' and reading books on witchcraft, fairies, demons, ghosts, banshees, succubi and mutants - yes, she LOVES X-Men!

She first started writing when she was 15 and had her first short story published. After taking a break from writing, she's found her rhythm again and can't imagine life without it. Now she writes more than ever and loves it!

Liia is a complete geek, if she's not writing, she'll be reading, playing video games or spending time with her adorable doggies. She loves all things Disney and Star Wars. She's a big animal lover and activist, vegan (although she tries not to preach) and total greenie.

Currently, she lives in Perth with her family, which includes two adorable dogs, two birds and a handful of feisty fish. She's always interested in meeting new people, so drop her a line at her facebook page or twitter.

Liia is a member of Romance Writers of America, Romance Writers of Australia, Passionate Ink and Young Adult Chapter of Romance Writers of America.