Author: Lelaina Landis

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Something About You - Just You & Me, #1

Something About You
  • Number: B00FES6LOW
  • Release: 2013-09-23
  • Author: Lelaina Landis
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, Debut Title
  • Publisher: Lelaina Landis
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Sabrina March’s biological clock is ticking — but not for babies. She’s Chief of Staff to Austin’s most renowned legislator, and she secretly dreams of taking over his seat. After a failed brush with matrimony, the last thing she needs is another complicated romance to throw a wrench in her life plan.

Sexy shock jock Gage Fitzgerald is revered among single men angling to score. He needs a place to call home after a long, vagabond existence, and a room Sabrina’s quaint old fixer-upper will do in a pinch. There’s something about his new housemate — a Type-A career woman who’s not his type at all — that makes him consider settling down, and the hot-and-cold signals she’s sending him are only confusing the matter.

Sabrina wouldn’t mind a rowdy romp in her boarder’s roomy four-poster. But to her surprise, behind Gage’s brash alter ego is a man with a different kind of plan. His vote goes to love, marriage, and the one thing she has decidedly tabled: a traditional family life. Will Sabrina step off the political fast track to keep him?

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