Author: LeAnne Bristow

LeAnne Bristow began her love affair with books at an early age. She often hid books inside her desk and read during class. A teacher actually commented on a report card that "She would do much better in class if she would stop reading." When she outgrew Laura Ingalls Wilder and Beverly Cleary, she graduated to Walter Farley and Judy Blume. Then her favorite aunt gave her an old box of Harlequin romance novels and she was hooked. After reading the entire Americana series by Janet Dailey, LeAnne dreamed of becoming a writer.

But as often happens with dreams, life gets in the way. She fell in love with an Arizona native who packed her up, stories and all, and moved her from her small town in central Texas to a smaller town in southern Arizona.

LeAnne spent the next 20 years corralling three of her own children and a classroom full of kindergartners. Then one fateful day, her husband found her box of stories. She couldn't bear to throw the box away,so she began the long, arduous task of rewriting and editing.

When she's not arguing with the characters in her head, she enjoys hunting, camping and fishing with her family. Her day job is teaching kindergarten, but now that her three kids are grown, she's determined to teach her granddaughter how to catch lizards and love the desert as much as she does.


Be My Heartwarming Valentine - A Heartwarming Christmas Town Box Set

Be My Heartwarming Valentine
  • Number: B07Z8CXBWP
  • Release: 2020-02-11
  • Authors: Anna Adams, Liz Flaherty, Beth Carpenter, Anna J. Stewart, Melinda Curtis, Cari Lynn Webb, LeAnne Bristow, Claire McEwen
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, Collections & Anthologies, Seasonal / Holiday
  • Publisher: IndieWrites
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8 brand-new Christmas Town novellas from some of your favorite Harlequin Heartwarming authors. Valentine’s Day—and Christmas Town—will never be the same!

Christmas Town to the rescue!

An abnormally cold and snowy winter wreaked havoc in Christmas Town. Pipes froze, snowy roofs caved in, and even the famed gazebo in the town square was blown over! But the hardest hit was the historic town library, where pipes burst – flooding the main floor and destroying all the books and computers. While insurance helps, it won’t cover everything. Christmas Town’s solution?

Calling all bachelors!

The Knotty Elves decide a Valentine’s Day Bachelor Auction kills two birds with one stone – raising money to save the library while working their matchmaking magic. From a personal chef to the town’s snow plow operator, there’s one thing all these handsome, homespun heroes have in common: they’re about to find love, Christmas Town style.

Be sure to check out YOU BET YOUR VALENTINE by Anna J Stewart, the prequel novella that starts all the Valentine’s Day fun!

A Miracle for Christmas - 12 Heartwarming Days of Christmas

A Miracle for Christmas
  • Number: B07FL8RD6J
  • Release: 2018-10-10
  • Author: LeAnne Bristow
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary
  • Publisher: Independently Published
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A Christmas Wedding Story

Jaycee Garland was too tall, too fast, too strong, and too independent to fit in with the girls. So she does her own thing. Whether it is pushing her students to think outside the box in history class, her players on the basketball court, or herself as a volunteer with search and rescue, she encourages everyone to blaze their own path. Too bad she can’t convince her best friend to follow his dream instead to being bullied by his father.

When an injury ended Tyler Gibson’s hockey career, cooking was the only thing that kept him focused and gave him a new purpose. As both the culinary arts teacher and the high school hockey coach, he’s finally found a way to feed both of his passions. With two state titles under his coaching belt, Tyler is pressured to break into college coaching. If he can’t make it to the National Hockey League as a player, he’ll do it as a coach and finally prove to his father that he’s not worthless. But that would mean leaving Christmas Town behind…and his best friend, Jaycee.

When Jaycee is asked to be a bridesmaid in the Christmas Eve wedding, she has to pull off the biggest transformation in history. Will turning this tomboy into a lady be the push that Tyler needs to see her as more than a friend? Will catering the wedding help Tyler admit what he really wants? It’ll take more than luck for things to work out between these two, but Christmas Town always has a miracle or two in store for people with the courage to believe.

Her Texas Rebel - A Clean Romance

Her Texas Rebel
  • Number: B01LLP4PGW
  • Release: 2017-03-01
  • Author: LeAnne Bristow
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, Western, * Romance: Sweet
  • Publisher: Harlequin Heartwarming
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He left so fast, she never got a chance… 

He abandoned her when she needed him most, just as she'd discovered she was pregnant. And now, ten years later, struggling single mother Sabrina Davis has come home in search of refuge for her at-risk son. Except Tony Montoya, now a cop, has also returned to Salt Creek, Texas. 

Recovering from being shot in the line of duty, Tony plans to use this time in his hometown to make amends for the trouble he caused as a youth. Amends for breaking Sabrina's heart. But trouble seems to follow the police officer no matter where he goes, and he doesn't want to hurt the woman he never stopped loving…or the son he's just found.

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  • A Miracle for Christmas A Miracle for Christmas
  • Her Texas Rebel Her Texas Rebel