Author: Laurie Kahn


I love making films about seemingly small stories that reveal the complexities (often epic in scope) that are left out of conventional narratives -- stories that might seem insignificant to others, but not to me.

I made a film about the life and world of an 18th century midwife and healer who moved to Maine during the American Revolution ("A Midwife's Tale", based on the book by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich), and that film won a primetime EMMY, as well as many other awards. It has been seen around the world and was broadcast in this country on the PBS series "American Experience."

I also made a film about the unsung marketing genius Brownie Wise and her Tupperware Ladies, who built the Tupperware empire selling plastic dishes in living rooms across the country back in the 1950s. That film was nominated for the best direction primetime EMMY and it won the George Foster Peabody Award, and many others. It has been broadcast in dozens of countries, gets used in classrooms in many disciplines internationally, and the rights to the story have been acquired to make a Broadway musical.

Before creating my own media-production company, Blueberry Hill Productions, in 1992, I worked on many award-winning series, including American Experience (senior associate producer), Eyes on the Prize: America’s Civil Rights Years 1954-1965 (senior series researcher), Frontline Special Report: Crisis in Central America (assistant producer), and NPR’s evening news program, All Things Considered. I've got two fabulous kids, a daughter studying medicine and a son who wants to be a neuroscientist. And believe it or not, I studied philosophy as an undergraduate and graduate student.