Author: LaTaeya Lane

Resident of New jersey, Married to Husband Leo, Daughter of Author Lauriece Hudson. Loves to write fantasy stories, and develops characters that readers can identify with, but also enjoy sharing experiences that would not necessarily happen in the real world. Drawing and painting is also another passion I have. Travel and experiencing new things and being on the move is part of my life. I am inspired by Oprah, and I love reading books by Charline Harris and Amanda Hocking.


Dark Betrayal - Chronicles of the Celestial, #2

Dark Betrayal
  • Number: 9781500548605
  • Release: 2014-09-30
  • Author: LaTaeya Lane
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Tags: * Romance: Speculative / PNR, Urban Fantasy / Paranormal
  • Publisher: LaTaeya Lane
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Nephilim Sydney London has embraced her angelic heritage, crossed the borders between life and death and traveled throughout the dimensions in order to save the people she loves. Exposed to a supernatural world, Sydney now must face the repercussions of healing her Darkness consumed mother Pandora. As a fugitive magical being Pandora's involvement with the Angel Vampires is uncertain. Instructed by the Archangel Micheal, Sydney must track down her mother before she possibly leads the Angel Vampires to Pandora’s Box. Sydney continues to risk her life as she delves deeper into the elements of a world that hangs in limbo. Her Guardian Angel struggles to protect her as the threats of evil rise in an attempt to recruit Sydney and possess her powers for their own malicious agenda.

Swept Into the Darkness - Chronicles of the Celestial, #1

Swept Into the Darkness
  • Number: B008AN2IJK
  • Release: 2012-05-20
  • Author: LaTaeya Lane
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Tags: * Romance: Speculative / PNR, Urban Fantasy / Paranormal, Debut Title
  • Publisher: LaTaeya Lane
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Sydney London is no ordinary twenty-four year old. Ever since she was a child she has had unique out of this world abilities. Suffering from a near death experience and surviving a deadly car crash Sydney is no stranger to death and loss. Cut off from the world around her she encounters an Angel and eventually falls for him inspired by deceitful magic.

Her one true love awaits in the shadows attempting to guard and protect her by risking his immortality. Traumatized by the murder of her best friend she sets off on an unspeakable journey to bring the dead back to life. Sydney's journey of self discovery opens her up to learn of her true angelic identity. She is led in the middle of an inter dimensional war among a hybrid breed of Angel Vampires and the Hierarchy of the Angelic clan. Will her unique powers and the love she bears for her guardian be enough for her to save the Earthly Realm or will she be Swept Into The Darkness?

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