Author: Larry K. Collins

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Murder... They Wrote - This is the first of a series

Murder... They Wrote
  • 4 Stars
  • Number: 978-1-60313-707-2
  • Release: August 2009
  • Authors: Lorna Collins, Larry K. Collins
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Tags: Suspense: Mystery
  • Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press LLC
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What if a retired NYPD officer is asked to investigate a mysterious death at the National Authors Conference where various attendees offer their theories and suspicions?

Murder …They Wrote answers this question as Agapé Jones, retired NYPD detective, tries to determine the truth surrounding the death of Robert Dyer, noted poet and critic. Confusing and confounding him are Robert’s ex-girlfriend, current young girlfriend, ex-wife, agent, recently discovered illegitimate daughter, long-time friend, an action/adventure author, a famous psychic, and the mysterious countess.

While Agapé enjoys getting a chance to exercise his old skills, his wife isn’t pleased. Peopled by a cast of quirky and deliciously amusing characters, Murder …They Wrote will engage and delight, all the way to the final plot twist.

Murder... They Wrote is the first of a series featuring Agapé Jones. the second, Murder in Paradise, will be published soon by Whiskey Creek Press.