Author: L. Maria Child

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Over the River and Through the Wood - The New England Boy's Song About Thanksgiving Day

Over the River and Through the Wood
  • 4 Stars
  • Number: 9780763627904
  • Release: 2011-09-27
  • Authors: Matt Tavares, L. Maria Child
  • Genre: Mainstream
  • Tags: Kids: Children's, Seasonal / Holiday
  • Publisher: Candlewick Press
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Matt Tavares's lavish illustrations illuminate this definitive edition of a beloved seasonal classic.

The horse is ready, the air is bracing, and everyone is bundled into the sleigh. So let the wind blow and the snow start to fall! This family is off to Grandfather's house for a delicious feast. Matt Tavares, with his keen eye for detail, fresh and surprising perspectives, and all the warmth and coziness of a big holiday dinner, illuminates the original text of Lydia Maria Child's verse about Thanksgiving Day, which has marked the start of the holiday season for generations of children.