Author: L.J. Hippler

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The New Road - Directions trilogy, #2 - Can stand alone

The New Road
  • Number: 9781450239578
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  • Author: L.J. Hippler
  • Genre: Mainstream
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Michelle Miller Ibanez, at thirty-one, is already a success by any measure. A respected Baltimore attorney, she has a handsome husband and a beautiful child. She is surrounded by family and friends who adore her. Life is sweet and only getting better-that is, until she's handed House Bill 1664. In this bill are the plans for a massive highway interchange, the construction of which is certain to destroy the quality of life in the historic neighborhood that she and her husband, Carlos, call home. When she reluctantly agrees to lead a coalition to fight the project, she unleashes an avalanche of change that threatens to destroy her seemingly perfect life. The "new road" she embarks upon leads to danger, passion, deceit, and betrayal. Secrets are revealed that shake Michelle to her very core and cause her to question her most fundamental assumptions. She cannot foresee what her world will be like once the journey ends. She knows only one thing for certain-her life will never be the same.

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