Author: Kenya D. Williamson

Kenya D. Williamson is a novelist, screenwriter and actress from Levittown, Pennsylvania. Currently living in Los Angeles, she's writing two novels -- a comedy set in California, "Siblings & Other Torture Devices," and a drama/suspense tale set in a small Southern town, "Windmills." 


Depth of Focus - A Novel

Depth of Focus
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  • Author: Kenya D. Williamson
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Danni's hiding a complicated past and keeping people at arm's length for her mental, emotional and material survival — a typical day for the aspiring photographer who trusts her world would fall apart if she were to ever lose what appeared like control.

While her mother, sister, lover and friends demand more of her time and allegiance, Danni’s father is too busy with his new family to really pay any attention. And Danni’s trying not to hold a grudge. Waiting tables at the restaurant stinks — with the exception of seeing her best friend. She's not in school because she can’t afford tuition. Danni rarely takes pictures — one of the few habits which brings her peace. And her mother's intermittently suicidal. If that's not enough, Danni fears she must be falling in love — something she swore she'd never do. And as another dreaded birthday approaches, facing the loved ones she's abandoned — or watched run from her — seems unavoidable.

Depth of Focus tells the story of a young woman’s quest for independence and career success while balancing relationships with her family, friends and lover. Struggling to understand, obscure or articulate their hopes, fears, love, pain and regrets, some turn to deception to attain their desires while others reveal the truth.

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