Author: Kenneth D. Taylor

Kenneth Taylor is a sport speed expert, former NFL player and world-class track athlete. He played cornerback and punt returner for the 1985 Chicago Bears Super Bowl Championship team and the San Diego Chargers. Since retiring from professional football, he has dedicated his time to working with athletes of all ages to rewire their bodies and brains, making them the best, fastest and most effective athlete they can be.


You Just Can't Teach That! - Or Can You?

You Just Can't Teach That!
  • Number: 9781482078916
  • Release: 2013-04-05
  • Author: Kenneth D. Taylor
  • Genre: Mainstream
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Can speed be taught? The answer is YES! Kenneth Taylor, Speed Specialist and Chicago Bears Super Bowl Champion, will take you through an in-depth and unique approach to speed training. Whether you are age 10 or 60, Ken can help any athlete run faster than ever before. Using the power of 10,000, visualization techniques, psychological tricks, communication tips and the power of gravity, he will put an end to many myths of speed. Speed can be taught. And he will show you how. In addition to explaining the “Psychology of Speed”, Ken specializes in helping the athlete understand his or her genetic potential. He explains how it is not only important to be faster but to think while in motion as well as maximize control. He uses very unique communication techniques to help athletes learn "what, where and when" to move for speed, as well as for each sport. Through years of studies, Ken also describes the negative effects of bad coaching and the positive effects of being able to run fast for any sport. He explains the spiraling chain reaction of positive self-confidence and gives specific examples of how speed can change an athlete’s life - sometimes in unimaginable ways.

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