Author: Kathy-Diane Leveille

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Let The Shadows Fall Behind You

Let The Shadows Fall Behind You
  • 3 Stars
  • Number: 9781601641670
  • Release: Out Now
  • Author: Kathy-Diane Leveille
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romantic Suspense
  • Publisher: Kunati
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Filled with quirky, heartwarming characters, this novel is a late coming-of-age story shaped by the eternal redeeming power of female friendship. Brannagh Maloney returns to her hometown for a reunion of old friends, carrying the burden of thinking she has lost her lover, Nikolai Mirsky. Once there, she finds it hard to ignore old family secrets, and decides to visit the house where she was raised and treated cruelly by her grandfather. Brannagh forces the old man to tell her what happened to her mother, and the shocking truth finally sets her free as she understands why her grandfather had acted so harshly. When Nikolai turns up unexpectedly, Brannagh's life takes another turn as her mysterious past deepens.