Author: Kathryn Leigh Scott

Kathryn Leigh Scott is best known for creating four characters, including Josette du Prés, vampire bride to Barnabas Collins, on the cult soap opera "Dark Shadows." Kathryn's first work of fiction, Dark Passages is an affectionate nod to her years on that ‘60s series. Dark Passages is a coming-of-age story encapsulating the romance and innocence of JFK’s Camelot era and the tumultuous “dark passages” of Meg Harrison. Arriving in New York City to pursue acting, Meg is a beautiful ingenue who also happens to be a vampire. She joins the cast of the cult hit “Dark Passages” only to face her nemesis who is bent on destroying her and those she loves. Kathryn is also the author of The Bunny Years, a memoir covering her years as a bunny in the New York City club. It was optioned for potential use for the recent NBC series "Playboy Club" and Simon & Shuster released the paperback version Fall 2011. As a publisher, Kathryn founded Pomegranate Press which offers non-fiction and entertainment titles.