Author: Kate Racculia

Kate grew up in Syracuse, New York, and attended college at the University of Buffalo, where she studied illustration, design, Jane Austen, and Canada. After a year in Philadelphia as a Barnes & Noble children’s bookseller, she moved to Boston for graduate school and received her MFA from Emerson College. Now she calls Boston home. She likes chowder but not lobster, and has been a bassoonist, a planetarium operator, a coffee jerk, a designer, a proposal writer, and a karaoke god.

She watches more movies than is probably healthy and is most likely reading a book right at this moment. Sometimes she talks not to, but for inanimate objects, and she firmly believes the finest flavor combination on this planet is chocolate and peanut butter.

Kate is, as if you couldn’t tell, kind of a geek.

This Must Be the Place is her first novel. She is working on her second, which will be stupendous.