Author: Karen Rose Smith

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Murder with Lemon Tea Cakes - A Daisy's Tea Garden Mystery, #1

Murder with Lemon Tea Cakes
  • 5 Stars
  • Number: B06XZ99HCY
  • Release: 2017-12-26
  • Author: Karen Rose Smith
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Tags: Suspense: Mystery, Suspense: Cozy Mystery, #FirstInaSeries
  • Publisher: Kensington Books
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In an old Victorian in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Amish country, Daisy Swanson and her aunt Iris serve soups, scones, and soothing teas to tourists and locals—but a murder in their garden has them in hot water . . .

Daisy, a widowed mom of two teenagers, is used to feeling protective—so when Iris started dating the wealthy and not-quite-divorced Harvey Fitz, she worried . . . especially after his bitter ex stormed in and caused a scene at the party Daisy’s Tea Garden was catering. Then there was the gossip she overheard about Harvey’s grown children being cut out of his will. Daisy didn’t want her aunt to wind up with a broken heart—but she never expected Iris to wind up a suspect in Harvey’s murder.

Now the apple bread and orange pekoe is on the back burner while the cops treat the shop like a crime scene—and Daisy hopes that Jonas Groft, a former detective from Philadelphia, can help her clear her aunt’s name and bag the real killer before things boil over . . .

Includes delicious recipes for Iris’s Lemon Tea Cakes and more!

Slay Bells Ring - A Caprice De Luca Mystery, #7

Slay Bells Ring
  • Number: B01N5X8HOA
  • Release: 2017-10-31
  • Author: Karen Rose Smith
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Tags: Seasonal / Holiday, Suspense: Mystery, Suspense: Cozy Mystery
  • Publisher: Kensington Books
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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, especially now that Caprice De Luca has wrapped up her holiday-themed staging gig at a stunning historic home in downtown Kismit, Pennsylvania. Behind all the red ribbon and glowing string lights, homeowners Chris and Sara Merriweather have it all. But Chris, a Vietnam vet who plays Santa every year at the community park, has been displaying strange behavior after a recent trip to Washington, D.C.

The joy of the season vanishes entirely when Chris is found murdered on Santa Lane, leaving behind his loyal malamute and lots of unfinished business. As Caprice uncovers hidden secrets in Santa's workshop, the pressure is on to catch the candy cane-wielding culprit--before she's next on a killer's deadly wish list . . .

Abigail and Mistletoe

Abigail and Mistletoe
  • Number: 9781619210318
  • Release: 2012-10-16
  • Author: Karen Rose Smith
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, Seasonal / Holiday
  • Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
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When he unwraps her love, he uncovers her secret…

Just before Christmas, trauma makeup artist Abigail Fox packs up her bag of tricks and travels to Crested Butte, Colorado, to help an actress who has lived in seclusion since a disfiguring accident.

The lodge owner irritates her with his suspicions that she’s only out to hook her name to a star. However, his broad shoulders and quiet intensity make her weak in the knees.

A former stuntman familiar with Hollywood politics, Brady is sure Abigail has ulterior motives. Why else would she travel far from home over a holiday if there wasn’t something in it for her? Yet gradually he realizes that with Abigail, what you see is what you get—a caring woman who only wants to help accident victims rediscover life.

Sheltered in Brady’s beautiful, snowbound world, warmed by his holiday wish that has nothing to do with Santa Claus, Abigail finds herself falling into his arms. But if he learns her terrible secret, the love that’s catching fire could blow up in her face.

This book was released by Silhouette Books in December 1994.

Warning: Consummated love scenes

A Montana Mavericks Christmas - Married in Whitehorn\Born in Whitehorn

A Montana Mavericks Christmas
  • Number: 9780373362257
  • Release: Out Now
  • Authors: Susan Mallery, Karen Rose Smith
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, Seasonal / Holiday
  • Publisher: Silhouette
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"Married in Whitehorn" by Susan Mallery

Duty-bound to protect pregnant amnesiac Angela Sheppard, Deputy Sheriff Shane McBride swore he'd never give his heart. Yet, soon he hungered to call the attractive widow his own. Was it possible a wedding-with baby!-was due for Whitehorn's brooding man in blue?

"Born in Whitehorn" by Karen Hughes

Dr. Jeremy Winters discovered he was a daddy when he came to beautiful Leah Nighthawk's rescue and delivered their tiny twins. And though the hard-hearted doctor would never deny his babies a daddy this Christmas, would he give Leah the gift of his love?

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